Used Bikes in great condition for sale in Munich!

Ladies Elektra cruiser used special for sale in MunichMens used bike MBT Cruiser for sale with 7 speeds Ladies used bike for sale- Electra Mint Green specialMens Army special used bike for sale in Munich

Are you in the market and wondering where you can find a used bike in Munich? Well, you have come to the right place! is a site published by Mike's Bike Tours and Rentals, and we need to keep our used cruiser bicycles moving out because we buy new ones to replace them every year. We also want to keep the word abuzz that we sell used cruiser bicycles in Munich as much as possible, so please tell everyone you know that if they are looking for a second hand bike in Munich, especially a used CRUISER bicycle, that they can always get one from us for a very fair price!

Our used mens and ladies cruiser bicycles in Munich are only sold in excellent condition with a guarantee on durable parts. We sell used bikes for as little as 125-175* Euros, but usually for more like 225* Euros, depending on the model of the bicycle. Almost all of our bikes have 3 or 7 gears, fenders and (most with) a bicycle rack and would cost between 400 and 600 Euros NEW!

We offer a selection of used bikes, especially second-hand Cruisers from Electra as well as our own custom made cruiser, known as the "MBT Cruza". If you come to our location around the corner from the REAR entrance to the Hofbräuhaus you can test ride our used cruiser bikes and choose one that you like best.


Second hand bikes in great condition for sale in Munich. This BBF bike is just one of the great used bikes we have for sale.Photos and prices of our second hand bikes for MEN

*All prices include 19% sales tax.




Ladies used electra bike for sale at great prices in MunichPhotos and prices of our used bikes for LADIES

*All prices include 19% sales tax.


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